Optical Measurements Techniques
for Structures & Systems


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FWO Vlaanderen

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Division Production engineering, Machine design and Automation (PMA)

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Head of the research group: Jean-Pierre Kruth


Other members involved: 

Hendrik Van Brussel, Dominiek Reynaert, Paul Sas, Joris De Schutter, Philip Bleys (Philip.Bleys@mech.kuleuven.ac.be)


Research Topics:

PMA is active in the production techniques, machine design and automation: tens of projects (European, National, Regional, Inter-university).

Concerning optical measurement technique we mention:

  • Development of large-scale camera based optical measurement system: European projects and spin-off company Krypton.

  • Development of laser probes for 3D measurement technique (CMM a.o.) in collaboration with spin-off company Metris involved in the ISO working group on optical measurement sensors for CMMs.

  • Dimensional metrology and quality control based on optical methods: laserinterferometry (measurement of  length, displacement, straightness, inclination, squareness, roughness, etc.), profile projectors, universal microscopes, 3D CMM using CCD camera, CMM with optical probes (laserbeam, laserstripe triagualtion probes, camera, etc.).

  • Development of optical micro sensors for force and torque measurements.

  • Monitoring and control of processes with optical measurement systems (laser machining, rapid prototyping, robotics).

  • Active vision, SLAM, visual servoing, vision control algorithms.

  • Vibration measurements using optical systems.

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