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Vakgroep Mechanica en Materialen van Constructies (MEMC)

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Head of the research group: Patrick De Wilde


Other members involved: 

Danny Van Hemelrijck (dvhemelr@vub.ac.be),

Hugo Sol (hugos@vub.ac.be), 

Georgios Kalliannakis, Arwen Smits, Annelies Diericks, Yin Ming Shi


Research Topics:

The Department MEMC has a long tradition in the mechanical characterization of isotropic and anisotropic material systems. Besides conventional methods for the determination the mechanical properties, recently a combined experimental/numerical method based on the vibration behavior of vibrating plates was developed. Both methods can be used as well for the mechanical characterization under extreme conditions (humidity and temperature) in combination with complex stress states (bi-axial). Because of the increasing importance of efficient and reliable design and of durability determination, powerful non-destructive methods are indispensable. Therefore, at the MEMC Department, research is performed in methods emerging NDT techniques: ultrasonics, acoustic emission, optical video microscopy, Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI) and linear and non-linear thermography.  


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