Optical Measurements Techniques
for Structures & Systems


Scientific Research Network Supported by the

FWO Vlaanderen

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Department of Civil Engineering (BWK)

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Head of the research group: Guido De Roeck (guido.deroeck@bwk.kuleuven.ac.be)


Other members involved: 

Geert Degrande, Dionys Van Gemert, Koen Van Balen, Luc Schueremans, Roald Hayen 


Research Topics:

The research group mainly performs research on the linear and non-linear mechanical behavior of masonery and concrete structures under static and dynamic loads and the reinforcement of concrete elements with steel and CFRP plates. Optical measurement techniques are used in the framework of the research on the mechanical behavior on masonery, in particular, the brick/mortar interaction in and around the mortar joint. The study of the internal stress distribution in the masonery composite will give rise to the development of better material models and the explanation of the strong plastic behavior of historic masonery.

The development of a better insight in the possibilities and restrictions of optical measurement techniques, by virtue of this research community, could lead to the use` in other research domains within our research unit.


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