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Biomedical Optics, Research Group Biomedical Physics 

Universiteit Antwerpen

Head of the research group: Joris Dirckx (joris.dirckx@ua.ac.be)


Other members involved: 

Jan Buytaert, Joris Soons, Jef Aernouts, Johan Aerts, William Deblauwe, Fred Wiese


Research Topics:

The Biomedical Physics research group (headed by J. Dirckx) focuses on interdisciplinary physics research in medical and biological topics. For this aim the group develops interferometric techniques for deformation and vibration measuremnents and for optical-sectioning tomography. Current applications include measurement of eardrum deformation, vibration of the middle ear ossicles, measurements of blood pulse wave velocities and strain measurements in bird skulls. Important themes are high resolution Moire topography for small objects, real-time video topography for unstable and visco-elastic objects and heterodyne interferometry for vibration measurements with sub-nanometer resolution. A large part of the research effort is focussed on the development of custom made interferometers (speckle, heterodyne, moiré).




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