Optical Measurements Techniques
for Structures & Systems


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FWO Vlaanderen

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Acoustics and Vibration Research Group (AVRG)

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Head of the research group: Patrick Guillaume (patrick.guillaume@vub.ac.be)


Network coordinator: Steve Vanlanduit (steve.vanlanduit@vub.ac.be)


Other members involved: 

Bart Ribbens, Cedric Vuye


Research Topics:

The research of the Acoustics and Vibration Research Group of the VUB has focused in the last years to signal processing and system identification techniques for processing experimental measurement data. Also, the use of the resulting models for damage detection purposes is considered.

In the field of optical measurements there is an important amount of expertise in the domain of scanning laser Doppler vibrometry (in particular the processing of large amounts of data and the automation and robustification of required computation and measurement procedures).

Recently, the domain has been extended to the development of signal processing techniques for other optical measurement techniques (i.e. image correlation, fringe projection, holography,...)


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