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Second OPTIMESS Workshop

When: Thursday 27th October 2005.

Where: University of Ghent, Conference centre "Het Pand" in the ancient centre of Ghent

Organization: Prof. Joris DEGRIECK and Wim VAN PAEPEGEM, from the Department of Mechanical Construction and Production at the Faculty of Engineering

Additional information:

Final program



9u15 – 9u45


9u45 - 10u00





10u00 – 11u00

Keynote presentation

New ways in optical nondestructive testing 

Prof. Wolfgang Osten Institut für Technische Optik, 

University of Stuttgart



11u00 – 11u20


Coffee break


11u20 – 11u40

The use of pulsed ESPI for the detection of subsurface defects 

G. Kalogiannakis*, C. Glorieux**, D. Van Hemelrijck* 

* Mechanics of Materials and Constructions, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium 

** Dept. of Acoustics and Thermal Physics, 

K.U.Leuven, Celestijnenlaan 200D, Heverlee


11u40 – 12u00

Results from Bilateral Collaboration in Detection of Fibre Reinforced Composite Materials by Fringes Projection and Speckle Shear Interferometry 

V. Sainova*, J. Harizanova*, S. Ossikovska*, W. Van Paepegem**, J. Degrieck**, P. Boone** 

* CLOSPI-BAS, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria 

** Dept. of Mechanical Construction and Production, Ghent University


12u00 – 12u20

Flow characterization using a Laser Doppler Vibrometer  

J. Vanherzeele, S. Vanlanduit and P. Guillaume 

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, 

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussel, Belgium


12u15 – 12u35

The digital image correlation technique as full field strain 

technique on biaxial loaded composites using cruciform 


Arwen Smits, D. Van Hemelrijck, T. Philippidis, A. M. van Wingerde 

Dept. MEMC, VUB; University of Patras; Knowledge Center WMC  


12u40 – 14u15





14u15 – 15u15

Keynote presentation

Optical Fiber Sensor Systems 

Prof. Hartmut Bartelt 

Institute for Physical High Technology, Jena, Germany  


15u15 – 15u35

Coffee Break  

15u35 – 15u55

Theoretical study of the feasibility for discriminating axial and transverse stress/strain components with Bragg sensors 

Geert Luyckx*, Wim De Waele*, Wim Van Paepegem*, Joris Degrieck*, Johan Vlekken** and Karima Chah** 

* Dept. of Mechanical Construction and Production, Ghent University 

** FOS&S (Fiber Optic Sensors and Sensing Systems), Cipalstraat 14, 2440 Geel


15u55 – 16u15

Heterogeneous deformation fields for parameter identification using Digital Image Correlation 

D. Lecompte*, A. Smits**, H. Sol**, J. Vantomme* and D. Van Hemelrijck** 

* Department of Materials and Construction, Royal military Academy, Belgium 

** Mechanics of Materials and Constructions, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium


16u15 – 16u35

Study of the disturbance influences on optical coordinate measuring machines

P.-J. Corthouts*, N. Van Gestel*, P. Bleys*,** and J.-P. Kruth*


* Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Division Production engineering, Machine design and Automation, K.U.Leuven, Celestijnenlaan 300 B, 3001 Heverlee


** WTCM-CRIF, Celestijnenlaan 300 C, 3001 Heverlee